About the author

Haseley Hinton is a writer of speculative fiction and science fiction. Of Anglo-Italian extraction, Haseley grew up in the midlands but now lives in north east Scotland. Her writing is often influenced by the landscapes surrounding her rural home, where inspiration is rarely more than a cycle ride away. She studied agricultural science at Leeds University and later completed an MSc at Aberdeen University/SAC. She has worked as a research technician and as a science teacher in secondary schools and colleges.


Haseley is an active member of her local writing group, Huntly Writers, and performs regularly at events throughout Scotland (see below for forthcoming and recent events). In 2012, she was invited to join the steering group for North East Writers, helping to organise events and taking part in their annual New Words festival. In September 2012, Haseley was a guest on the Literature Show, a regular live broadcast on shmu FM.

Haseley launched her debut novel in Edinburgh in 2009. Song of the Seacrow, the second in her Sacred Mountain Trilogy, is her latest novel to be published.

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