Delve into these exclusive downloads
Here you can get your hands on excerpts from each of the novels, cover art, an MP3 preview of the soundtrack, an interview with the author and a radio broadcast from Haseley’s recent appearance on shmu FM. Simply click the icons below to open the files in your browser or right-click to download them to your digital device.

If these aren't enough to whet your adventurous apetite, try reading Haseley's short story - Curio of the Seacrow, now in a completely revised and expanded second edition. It gives a spell-binding insight into the mythical world explored in the novel and is now available to buy directly from the books page and from various outlets nationwide.

Shadow of the Seacrow and Song of the Seacrow are also available through all good high-street bookstores (ask them to order it in for you if they don't already have it) and online retailers including and

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